Baby monitor and sleep system from Nanit

Nanit baby monitor wall mounted

In continuation of the baby post theme, let’s take a look at baby monitors or rather at one specific solution.

Nanit sleep system is a baby monitor with a live preview of a sleeping baby, via an app, but can also track their sleep and breathing. The system is equipped with a camera and a swaddle with a custom pattern. In this setup, the camera records baby’s sleep, will send notification about baby motion or provides data such as sleep efficiency, parents visits or breathing motion. All the night’s events are recorded and accessible via the app, along with baby’s sleep trends or tips. 

The camera can be purchased separately. It will provide all the above features except for breathing data. This baby monitor should be mounted above the crib (wall mount or floor stand possibility) offers two-way audio, motion sensor or a light pointing upwards with a gradual dimming option.