Put the racing mind to sleep with PrecisionCool from Ebb

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The mind is a cheeky thing especially when we are about to go to sleep but instead, it entertains us with numerous thoughts. Especially these days, in the era of #WFH and the epidemic, one might have a lot to think about. Gladly, there is a solution to calm our brain.

A wearable from Ebb aims to put the brakes on the racing mind. PrecisionCool literally cools the brain to decrease its metabolic activity, which ought to relax frontal cortex. As a result, the cooling will calm the brain and the body. The device distinguishes itself as a drugfree answer to the problem, compared with other solutions, and it will have no other negative impact on your body.

The system comprises of a headband and a stationary unit connected by a tube. The stationary unit has a cartridge which delivers a liquid of set temperature to the headband which will cool your forehead. You can set the cooling temperature on the stationary unit. The company advises exchanging cartridge every 2-4 months and headband every 6 months.