Instant sheets change with the Koa Cover

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With the pandemic and #WFH the awareness of bacteria spread has hopefully increased across the population. We wash our hands, cover our faces to stop bacteria from spreading. But do we consider the bacteria brought in on our clothes or other parts of our body? And how much of it can be transmitted to our duvets? So washing duvet cover often might be beneficial, yet the idea of putting on a fresh cover is dreadful, with all wrestling and corner-seeking to get it on right.

Enter the Koa cover with a system aiming at making duvet cover change feel like a breeze. Its innovative zip design allows for quickly and effortlessly change the cover, which is 100% cotton. Just lay the cover down, place the duvet on it and zip it. The zip ought to hide in the extra fabric flap, and since it is soft, you should not feel it at all. Additionally, the cover has ties in each corner to fix the duvet and prevent it from moving inside. The cover is funded via Kickstarter.