Ooler a cooling pad from Chili technology

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Opening the window or using a fan to cool us down during the summer nights can do the work up to a point before one wants to turn on the AC. Luckily, there is a device that bridges the gap between a fan and the AC, to effectively cool us down.

OOLER Sleep System from Chili technology consists of three elements: the control unit, which fits beside/below the bed, is connected to a hydronic pad that fits onto your mattress. Then there is an app which can control the device remotely. Ooler is a water-based cooling system (or warming in winter), where cooling water is pumped from the control unit to the tubs in the pad (similar principle as the PrecisionCool). The desired temperature the pad should transmit can be set on the control unit or via an app and ranges between 13-46°C (55-115°F). You can program the device via the app, setting a sleep schedule, including the pre-cooling of the bed. In terms of the hydronic pad, it comes in a range of sizes to fit a variety of mattress sizes and types.