Reusable earplugs by Happy Ears

Happy Ears earplugs

With the windows open in summer nights might get slightly noisy, especially when you live in a city with heavy traffic. AC or a fan might get loud too. As we get thermal management under control, the sound issue can become relevant. A no-brainer is to get one of the foam earplugs. One company out of Sweden, not IKEA, decided to improve the good old earplugs.

Happy Ears re-designed the standard earplug, creating a reusable (approx. 1 year of use) and premium product. The earplugs reduce volume by 25dB evenly across high and low frequencies. The plugs come in small, medium and large size, and you can order the Discovery Pack the first time around, to understand which size fits you best. The storage for the earplugs is included. The Happy Ears earplugs are good for sleep, but also travelling or concerts to protect one’s hearing.

As Happy Ears aims for sustainability, they launched a RECYCLED earplugs on Kickstarters, which are produced out of 100% recycled ABS and TPE plastics which are FDA approved.