Som Sleep a good night drink

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in the summer usually one spends time outside, on the beach, hikes or other sports activities. As they say, fresh air and/or some physical activity is good for sleep. However, if you are not lucky to enjoy any of that, or basically have trouble sleeping, maybe a drink can help. Camomile tea or rooibos can help. But it would be great to get something more refreshing drink for the sleep in the summer. 

Som Sleep might be a perfect choice for a chilled beverage to get you to fall asleep and get a better night sleep. Som Sleep is a non-carbonised drink containing melatonin, but also Vitamin B6, Magnesium and L-Theanine and GABA. It is advertised as non-addictive, with no sugar and suitable for vegans. One portion of the drink constitutes 240ml (8.1 fl.oz.) and should be consumed 30 minutes before going to bed.