Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock

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Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

When you are heading into the wild, you might want to keep things light. Sleeping outdoors, we need to replace our bedrooms, but this time we need to fit it on our back or in our car — size matters in this case.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock fits the description. This camping hammock weighs only 1.8kg (22lbs), but with its durable construction, it can support up to 125kg (275lbs). The hammock has a net canopy to keep bugs away. And when the weather condition isn’t in our favour, a nylon rip fly can be stretched over to protect us from the rain. When suspended, the interior surface ought to be flat, but the hammock can be set up on the ground too. Finally, there are two pockets on the inside and an o-ring for hanging a light. Fit in a sleep pad and it might get cosy there.