The Frontier Stove from Plus Anevay

The Frontier Stove

I have been focusing on lightweight and compactness when writing about outdoors sleeping products. Being able to pack light might be an advantage in the eyes of many. So, since all the stuff is so compact, there might be space for little extra gear. And as we are already experiencing colder months, ensuring warmth in the outdoors will be appreciated.

A portable stove from Plus Anevay weights only 12kg (26.5 lbs) and fits inside a special carrier bag. You can use this stove in tents yurts and tips, and it is mainly to be used for cooking. But with the 2.5kW heat output, it can surely warm up it’s surrounding. As long as it will fit in your tent or cabin, its heating properties might increase your comfort. And in the morning it can help with preparing a wake-up beverage of choice.