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Get a gift for your family and friends that will make them fall asleep. Here you can find a list of 18 curated items to up the sleeping game. Some of the items are practical, some of them might bring a welcome improvement into the sleep routine.
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Relaxed in the sleep

Somnox sleep robot

You can hug this pillow-shaped robot and breath along its breathing rhythm to relax and eventually fall asleep. The robot will sense your breathing first to guide you to a slower pace then. To enhance the experience robot can produce calming sounds.

Dodow visual breathing coach

The device projects a pulsating blue light on the ceiling which you focus on to synchronize your breathing with it. Concentrating on the light is meant to stay focused on meditation and breathing.

Vitruvi diffuser and essential oils

The diffuser made out of matt ceramic can be a great addition to the bedside. It comes in five colours and can run between 4 to 8 hours. The Holiday Set contains the machine together with a few essential oils. One of them called Sleep, best diffused throughout the night for a soothing feeling.


Casper Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket from the mattress maker Casper. The blanket aims to provide the cosy and calming feeling. Choose from three colours and three weights from 4.5 kg (10lbs) – 9kg (20lbs).

Parachute Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Made from the finest Turkish cotton, these covers should be soft and comfortable in use. You can choose from a range of four colours.

The Wool Company Merino Throw

The throw made out of merino lambswool will be a perfect addition to your afternoon naps. Ease to wrap yourself into while on your sofa.

Automated house for a good sleep

Philips Hue Signe table light

This minimalistic lamp shines will any light on your wall from a full spectrum of colours. Apart from four preprogrammed modes, you can adjust the colour with your phone. Connect it to your home automation app, and you can schedule the right colour for the specific time of the day.

IKEA FYRTUR roller blind

These wirelessly controlled block out roller blinds from Ikea will cover your window at the right time. Connect to your home automation app to have them rolled up or down according to your needs.

Molekule Air Pourifier Mini+

As we learnt this year, bacteria and other harmful particle travel in the air without us knowing. Mini+ job is to get your bedroom air cleaned up. And, due to its size, you can easily move it around the house. Set it up in the app, and the machine will have the purified air flowing for whenever you need it.


Portuguese Flannel Pajama

Wearing the right stuff for bed makes difference too. This pyjama is made 100% from cotton. Comes in blue and plaid flannel – sounds warm. These PJs are produced in Portugal and uses recyclable materials.

Shirt and trousers sold separately.

Lyko PJ Life

The female pyjama from Lyko is made out of pre-washed European linen and it has an oversized and loose fit. Comes in blue or pink check – the latter’s material will be thicker.

Shirt and pants/short pants sold separately.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

This extra-thick robe is made out of 100% Turkish cotton. The maker wants you to have a Spa-like feeling when wearing this robe. Available in four colours.

Sleep tracking devices

Withings Sleep Analyser

This under the mattress sleep tracker will help you understand how you sleep. The device can record such parameters as heart rate, breathing or movement in bed. All the insights will be delivered via the Health Mate app.

Oura Ring

The ring tracks a variety of parameters and provides insights about your activity and sleep. You can check your sleep insights immediately after waking up. All results are provided via an app.

Somnofy Sleep Monitor

The sleep monitor will not only track your sleep but will also let you know about your bedroom environments like air quality, ambient light or temperature. All sleep data and insights are delivered via an app.


Birkenstock Zermatt slippers

The brand behind popular slip-on is now in the slippers business. You can now enjoy the signature footbed, although you can select a softer one as the slippers come with the removable footbedβ€”nine colours to choose from.

The North Face Heritage Thermoball slippers

The sleepers will provide you a comfort and warmth throughout the cold season. The slippers have a upper material made out of Merino wool mixed with Thermoball insulation. A thick 40% recycled rubber sole will keep you safe distance away from the cold floor.

Mahabis Curve

Another alternative for winter season comes from Mahabis. The slippers sport organic wool lining and felt upper. With adaptable foam footbed and natural rubber sole, it can only get warm and comfortable. Nine vibrant colours to choose from.

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