Ember Mug2 by Ember will keep your beverage warm

A warm drink is indispensable when you are relaxing and staying cosy, when you doze off though there is a chance your cafe latter might turn into frappe when you wake up 20min (or rather 1 hour) later.

With Ember Mug2, such a situation will not happen. Mug2 is a smart mug that will keep your drink warm. It can maintain a temperature of your choice in the range of 50-62.5°C(120-145°F) for 1.5h on a full charge. Unless you keep the mug on the charging coaster, then your drink will be at the preferred temperature at all times. The temperature is set through a companion app. Mug2 comes in black or white, with two sizes: 295 ml (10 oz) and 414 ml (14oz). Additionally, it is safe to wash and can be submerged up to 1m.