The most comfortable seat from Lovesac

Sac by Lovesac

Any soft surface can be great for getting comfortable at home – bed, sofa hammock. Another item from the category is a bean bag, which you can fall onto, feel cosy and relaxed.

Lovesac makes sacs, which look like bean bags, but instead of beans, they are filled with proprietary Duraform. The so-called sacs are meant to provide great comfort when sitting on them or napping. The sacs come in multiple sizes fitting one person or a small family. More importantly, besides the size, you can choose the fabric your sac cover should have (velvet, twill, tweed, weave and many others). And since these covers are removable, you can own multiple variants, but also, the covers are easy to wash.

When considering purchasing the sac, ensure you have enough space and beware as these might be heavy to move around (smallest at 10kg (22ibs) up to 43kg (93ibs) for the largest).