Time to embrace the autumn after a great summer

It was a great summer, but the fall had already started. Long gone are the days when we slept with open windows, breezy PJs, with fans on. Autumn has come. Let’s stay warm and cosy with cotton and Merino wool items.

PJs not just for sleep

PJs from West of Breakfast aren’t only for bed. The makers want you to feel comfortable on the lazy Sunday mornings enjoying your place. But when you get to sleep, these 100% preshrunk cotton PJs should do the job.

Socks to keep your feet warm

Sleeping with socks on is a choice of some. If you are one of them, check Bombas for their warm Merino wool socks that will keep your feet cosy.

Warm blanket for those rainy days

Rumpl, the company behind some great blankets, made a throw out of Merino wool and cotton (50/50). They claim it is soft and itch-free. Different colours are available.

Keep warm even when walking around

We do not want to get the cosy warmth when leaving the bed. Ensure you have a robe. Onsens has some great robes made out of Supima Cotton. The robes must be hot as they are sold out almost entirely.

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