Wake up in the autumn darkness with an alarm clock

Photo by mostafa mahmoudi on Unsplash
Waking up when it’s still dark might be daunting, especially when it gets chilly those autumn mornings. Check out some interesting alarm clocks that can get you out of bed on time.

A smart alarm clock with a twist

This alarm clock from Loftie can also put you to sleep. Apart from playing music or white noise, it has a wellness content – breath… The clock has a 2-step alarm: gentle, then firm. You will need your phone to set it up/customise it.

The clock to keep your phone away but charged

BC21 Braun Alarm clock invites you to put your phone away behind its display, where it will wirelessly charge. The digital display can self-adjust. When the alarm goes off, you get to tap a Snooze button for 5 more minutes of sleep.

Classic looks with a sound to it

OneClock wants you to disconnect. This minimalist analogue clock uses sonic science to deliver the best wake up call our brains will appreciate. Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Wake up light, and sound

Another iteration of the wake-up light alarm from Philips, Somneo simulates sunset and light/sound programs will guide your breathing to get relaxed and ready for sleep. Then simulated sunrise will wake you up, and if not, the alarm sound should.

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