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Deep Royal down blanket by Rumpl

Sleeping bags belong to a product category that comes to mind when we think about staying overnight outdoors. Sometimes, however, one might want as little gear as possible, yet to be used for various situations. In this case, to beā€¦

The Frontier Stove from Plus Anevay

I have been focusing on lightweight and compactness when writing about outdoors sleeping products. Being able to pack light might be an advantage in the eyes of many. So, since all the stuff is so compact, there might be spaceā€¦

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock

When you are heading into the wild, you might want to keep things light. Sleeping outdoors, we need to replace our bedrooms, but this time we need to fit it on our back or in our car — size mattersā€¦

Sleeping pad by Klymit

When staying outdoors, one might be concerned with the shelter or being warm at night. But do we consider how the hardness of the floor will impact our sleep comfort? And if so, do we think beyond the big mattressā€¦

Let’s go outdoors

How great it is to be outdoors in the summertime, going hiking or camping trips. When we head out for a longer time, we need to ensure a comfortable shelter, would it be a tent, camper van or sleeping underā€¦