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Beat jetlag with HumanCharger

Folks from Finland are responsible for HumanCharger Wireless Headset, which not only channels sound but also provides light stimulation therapy to your inner ear. It supposed to energize you, and when travelling, it will keep your body and mind in…

Compression socks

Travelling means a lot of seating time, hence low blood circulation. Compression socks can help to boost blood circulation. Physixgear makes compression socks, which can be used, among others, during a flight to reduce fatigue and swelling in the lower…

Travel pillow by trtl

The travel pillow by trtl is a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional travel pillow. It wraps around your neck like a scarf and a built-in strengthing ribs give support to your head and neck.

The Layover – a Travel Blanket by Gravel

Gravel has released their compact and lightweight travel blanket on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The isolated nylon blanket snaps behind your neck and has compartments for your feet. The blanket has a built-in pocket which can store small items.

Timeshifter app

Timeshifter app will help with jet lag. Built on scientific knowledge, the app is meant to prepare you for a trip to a different timezone with an easy to follow the adjustment plan. Available both on iOS and Android.

Sleeping while travelling

Would it be a car, train or a plane, sleeping while travelling can be challenging. Difficulty in finding the right position or no place to rest your head can be a part of the challenge. In the coming posts, I…